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Welcome to AcneAuthority.org!

Hi, I’m Sophia. I’m the founder and senior editor here at AcneAuthority.org, and I suffered with moderate to severe acne for years…

I was eventually able to get my acne under control by adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle, and by using a variety of natural and over-the-counter acne treatments. Nowadays, I just get the occasional pimple (not very often thank god).

I want to welcome you all to the site and encourage you to never give up in your quest for beautiful, clear skin. Good luck!!

Our Mission

Our goal at AcneAuthority.org is to bring together in one place the most up-to-date and accurate information on everything to do with acne. We want to explore any and all treatment options out there, whether they are natural treatments, traditional medications, or anything in-between.

We believe the best way to treat your acne is to first have access to the most thorough information available, and that’s exactly what we want to provide you.

We also want to create a warm and welcoming community of acne sufferers young and old, with the goal of helping one another find the best treatment methods, and to provide support and encouragement.

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Please help us make this the absolute best site on the subject of acne. You can help by posting a comment and contributing your own experience to the discussion.

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We at AcneAuthority.org want to thank our readers for helping make this the best acne site on the internet!